Sunnyvale Custom Wood Fences

Sunnyvale Fence and Deck is here to used only the best materials and build the fence you want for your Sunnyvale, CA home.

Wood fence designs are the greatest fence option for many homeowners because they are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, provide privacy, and offer great durability.

If you’re looking for fence styles, here are some of today’s popular fence choices:

– good neighbor fence

– board on board fence

– wood picket fence

-horizontal wood designs

– custom fence designs

Good Neighbor Wood Fencing:

The wood fencing that looks like a line of trees, “good neighbor wood” is called the “good neighbor wood fence.” This design provides a great aesthetic to your Sunnyvale home and adds a personal touch because each wood picket is different. Good neighbor wood fences use the structure beam as a center point and alternate the side on which the picket sits. This creates good airflow between you and your neighbors while still maintaining most privacy.

Board on Board Wood Fencing:

board on board fence with wood posts, solid board top and kickboardCreating a wood fence that is structurally sound and also adds aesthetic to your Sunnyvale home is easy with board-on-board wood designs. The majority of this wood design design consists of a 2″x 4″ wood picket attached vertically to the structure beam using stainless steel brackets every 8″. A horizontal wood brace halfway through the length of the wood fence connects both sides of pickets together. This keeps the wood fencing both strong and aesthetically pleasing. Besides being very different from most other types, board on board wood fences are some of the best looking wood fencing you will find because it creates a very stately appearance to add to your home.

Wood Picket Fences:

Creatively designed by Sunnyvale Fence and Deck, wood picket fences follow the same wood post beam construction as wood picket fence does. Picket fences are typically much shorter and used an aesthetically pleasing border for your yard when you need security for your pets while maintaining an open feel. Picket fences are commonly used in front yard spaces where that security is needed, but does not cover up the view of the front of your home. Picket fences space out the distance between the pickets and each picket often has a fancy design cut at the top. Call us today to see the different styles we offer for our picket fences.

Horizontal Wood Designs:

Sunnyvale wood fences are different! This style of wood fence is often used in California homes because it is one of the most popular wood fencing styles due to their trendy look. Horizontal wood fences are very low maintenance, which makes them desirable for California residents who want wood fencing that doesn’t require much painting or heavy upkeep to keep looking nice.

Custom Wood Fence Designs:

Sunnyvale wood fences are unique! Custom wood fencing is custom made to fit your yard’s specifications. Have you seen a wood fence that you just love. Shoot a picture and show it to use. We can custom create any type of wood fence you desire. Our goal at Sunnyvale Fence and Deck is to make our customers happy. So, let’s design something together that you will be proud of and will make your home that enviable property of your neighborhood! Call us today for a free quote.