Sunnyvale Staining and Sealing


The fence crew at Sunnyvale Fence and Deck is a company in the San Francisco Bay Area that specializes in fences, decks or pergolas. They are available for all services from new construction to remodeling projects with their finishing touch being staining and sealing; an important step if you want your wood product looking its best long-term! Stains come in many different colors so customers can find one they like easily enough – but there’s also semi-transparent stains which have high fade resistance as well
The tone should be professional

New or Old Structures

Staining a fence should be done about 30 days after installation. This allows time for moisture to escape the wood, but not been exposed too long in weather and sun elements before staining it again or applying sealant if needed. The renewal process can take different forms depending on what you want out of your new look- either just some pressure washing followed by fresh coatings from there on out; all cleaned up!

Color options for fence stain:

Redwood fence stain is a brownish color with some red tones blended into the formula. Over time, this will fade and become lighter as it has been exposed to sunlight; for this reason darker stains last longer before needing re-application than light ones do.

Painting your fence and deck is a great way to make them unique. If you want the colors of different stains mixed together, then just use one color for all three surfaces or apply regular outdoor paint on top in order not have any gaps between sections while still being able change what’s up there regularly because every season has its own beautiful look!
In either case protecting against wood destroying insects with protection will be important parts so ensure it gets done right after purchasing materials like stain etc..

Redwood Fence stain

The natural look of redwood fence stained by Sunnyvale Fence and Deck will enhance the natural tone of the wood. All woods benefit from staining and sealing to combat the harsh weather conditions in the Bay Area of California.

Wood fence stain

There are many color options available for fence stains. The darker colors help protect the fence from high amounts of UV, preventing the wood from turning gray and deteriorating over time. For example, redwood fence stain is dark brown with some red tones blended into its formula.

Protection for your outdoor structures

Wood fence stains and deck stains provide a barrier from the elements of nature. The fence stain or deck stain help protect the fence, deck or outdoor structure from ultraviolet rays, moisture and heat.

Budget-friendly fence staining service

Enhance your home’s exterior look with a new fence paint job by Sunnyvale Fence and Deck in Sunnyvale, ca. When you want high quality wood stain or deck enhancement services that offer free quotes on all types of staining work we are the company for you!

About Us: Sunnyvale Fence and Deck is a family owned fence company operating locally since 2003. We have been offering professional fence installation, fence repair, fence supplies & more to the Bay Area including Santa Clara County, San Jose County and Fremont County.